Vikas Patel is enrolled in third year of his medical training at the University of Toronto and is a research student at the University Health Network. Vikas has an avid interest in clinical leadership and supporting initiatives to improve medical education at his home institution. In his spare time, Vikas enjoys playing basketball, helping out at his family business and working out. You can find him on his LinkedIn

or Instagram.

Fahad Manzar Qureshi is a third-year medical student at the University of Toronto, with an interest in medical education and health advocacy. Outside of academia, Fahad enjoys travelling, playing guitar/piano/drums, and is currently training for a marathon.

Harsh Parikh is a third-year medical student at the University of Toronto with a keen interest in medical education, clinical research, sports, and music. You can find him on hisLinkedIn

or Instagram.

Jayneel Limbachia completed his master’s in Health Research Methodology from McMaster University, with interests in women’s health, South Asian population health epidemiology, use of digital tools in emergency medicine, and #FOAMed. Outside of academia, he is an avocado aficionado and has recently perfected an avocado-kale-peanut butter smoothie that has significantly changed his post-workout routine. You can find him on his LinkedInor Instagram.

Current Team

Aneeka Sihra

Aneeka Sihra is a professional Toronto-based proofreader/copyeditor. A University of Toronto graduate, she currently works in healthcare marketing. In her free time, she volunteers with non-profits, activist organizations, and small educational groups. You can find Aneeka on her website.

Anya Knight

Anya is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto where she majored in Human Biology and Psychology. She works and volunteers as a tutor for elementary and high school students. In her free time, Anya likes hiking, reading, cooking, and listening to music. You can find Anya on Instagram.

Darren Ramcharan

Darren is a 3rd year medical student at the Saint James School of Medicine and completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Genetics at Western University. In his free time he enjoys listening to and producing music as well as improving his cooking skills. You can find Darren on his LinkedIn.

Devyani Premkumar

Devyani is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with a background in Human Biology & Mental Health. She's passionate about healthcare literacy & mentorship and in her free time, makes one too many TikTok dances. You can find Devyani on her LinkedIn.

Dhiman Patel

Dhiman is a part of COVID-19 Made Simple's Daily Post Team.

Feny Pandya

Feny Pandya is a fourth year Biology & Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour student at McMaster University with a keen interest in neuropsychiatry. Outside of academia, Feny enjoys singing, learning to play new instruments, and reading classic literature. You can find Feny on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Marla Miranda

Marla is studying population health & mental health studies at University of Toronto. She works as a research assistant for orthopaedic trauma surgery & as a tutor. She loves to bake in her spare time & has her own baking business. You can find Marla on her LinkedIn or Instagram.

Megan Lowe

Megan Lowe is a fourth year Health Sciences student at McMaster University, pursing a career as a healthcare professional. She actively contributes to her community through volunteering, tutoring students physics and chemistry online, as well as teaching fitness classes virtually as a certified fitness instructor.

Miloni Sanghvi

Miloni is a business graduate from Schulich School of Business, working in sales at a tech company. Outside of the 9-5 routine, Miloni enjoys dancing, travelling (29 countries & counting) and drinking questionable amounts of caffeine. You can find Miloni on her LinkedIn or Instagram.

Priya Thomas

Priya is an ethnic diversity researcher who works closely with COVID-19 Made Simple's Quick Post team.

Purvi Mahida

Purvi Mahida is a fourth year Honour Biology (Physiology) student at McMaster University, with an interest in neurobiology and physiology. Apart from academia, Purvi volunteers at a hospital and tutors high school students. She also enjoys playing badminton and painting. You can find Purvi on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Ravni Bomrah

Ravni Bomrah is a fourth year Biology Discovery student at McMaster University. She is passionate about microplastics and plastics research and is keen on pursuing a career in Planetary Health. Outside of academia, Ravni loves to read, try out new recipes, and volunteer in her community. You can find Ravni on her LinkedIn or Instagram.

Rushil Dave

Rushil Dave is studying neuroscience & psychology at the University of Toronto. He is a co-founder of Blankets for T.O., which supports the homeless of Toronto. He also one of the hosts on the MedBoy podcast. He is currently working on getting out of his comfort zone through improv. You can find Rushil on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Samantha Ruth

Samantha is a third year student specialising in Digital Business Management. She loves all things social media and hopes to get into the field of digital marketing. Outside of this, she enjoys looking for new running trails and stepping up her skincare game. You can find Samantha on her LinkedIn or Instagram.

Smeet Solanki

Smeet Solanki is a fourth year Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour at McMaster University. Smeet holds an avid interest in neuro-oncology and pediatrics. Outside of academia, Smeet enjoys playing percussion instruments and bouldering. You can find Smeet on his LinkedIn or Instagram.

Yahan Raveendran

Yahan Raveendran is a third year Honour Specialization Biology student in Science at Westen University, with a keen interest in the medical profession. In his spare time, Yahan enjoys volunteering for non-profit organizations, playing soccer/badminton, listening to music and teaching swimming. You can find Yahan on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Zaib Qureshi

Zaib is a part of COVID-19 Made Simple's Social Media Team. She helps with the publication of content on Instagram.

Past Team Members

Alvi Islam
Dhwanil Bhatty
Karan Vansjalia
Kashyap Patel
Manan Kharwa
Prem Patel
Rahul Pawa
Raj Panchal
Shane Natalwalla
Srot Kadakia
Sudharssen Murali
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