Social Media Team

Samantha Ruth

Samantha is a third year student specialising in Digital Business Management. She loves all things social media and hopes to get into the field of digital marketing. Outside of this, she enjoys looking for new running trails and stepping up her skincare game. You can find Samantha on her LinkedIn or Instagram.

Miloni Sanghvi

Miloni is a business graduate from Schulich School of Business, working in sales at a tech company. Outside of the 9-5 routine, Miloni enjoys dancing, travelling (29 countries & counting) and drinking questionable amounts of caffeine. You can find Miloni on her LinkedIn or Instagram.

Devyani Premkumar

Devyani is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with a background in Human Biology & Mental Health. She's passionate about healthcare literacy & mentorship and in her free time, makes one too many TikTok dances. You can find Devyani on her LinkedIn.

Marla Miranda

Marla is studying population health & mental health studies at University of Toronto. She works as a research assistant for orthopaedic trauma surgery & as a tutor. She loves to bake in her spare time & has her own baking business. You can find Marla on her LinkedIn or Instagram.