Cultural Sensitivity Team

Aneeka Sihra

Aneeka Sihra is a professional Toronto-based proofreader/copyeditor. A University of Toronto graduate, she currently works in healthcare marketing. In her free time, she volunteers with non-profits, activist organizations, and small educational groups. You can find Aneeka on her website.

Priya Thomas

Priya is an ethnic diversity researcher who works closely with COVID-19 Made Simple's Quick Post team.

George Nader

George is a 3rd year life science student at the University of Toronto majoring in human biology and doing a double minor in French and physiology. His work with CMS focuses on presenting public health issues in social, religious and cultural-specific manners to spread health awareness to diverse communities. He actively helps his local community as a volunteer with Scarborough Health Network (SHN). George loves watching football and playing the piano in his free time. You can find George on his LinkedIn and Instagram.